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How does this cover work?

Is my bicycle covered on a New for Old basis?

Your bicycle(s) will be covered on a 'New for Old' basis if 3 years old or under. After 3 years in the event of a claim your bicycle(s) would be repaired/replaced to equivalent model or specification.

My bicycle is expensive, is this a problem?

We are able to insure 5 bikes under one policy up to a total sum insured of £15,000.

Can I take my bicycle abroad?

Yes, your bicycle is covered for 60 days in Europe as standard and will be covered for the same things as it is here in the UK.

Can I change the excess on my policy?

No. We have a range of excesses from £25 to £250 depending on the level of cover you choose and where your bicycle is kept. These apply to all sections apart from public liability and personal accident cover where there is no excess.

Is my bicycle covered away from my homes address?

In addition to being covered at your home address (including in sheds and outbuildings) your bicycle will be covered whilst you are using it and even if left overnight in a locked vehicle.

Can other members of my family be covered under my cycle insurance policy?

Yes, our cycle policy can provide cover for up to 5 bicycles and any family members living at your home address can use them at no additional cost.

What happens if my bicycle is damaged and I need it for pre-booked sportive or charity ride?

If your bicycle is damaged and you cannot use it, you can hire a replacement. We will pay up to 10% of the sum insured under your policy to hire you an alternative whilst awaiting the repair or replacement of yours.

What happens if I am out on my bike and I have a mechanical problem?

If you or more than one mile from home and you have a problem with your bike, someone will be sent to recover you and your bicycle and transport it to your home address, a cycle repair shop, railway station or nearest overnight accommodation.

Who is the underwriter of my bicycle equipment insurance?

Your cycle insurance policy is underwritten by Ageas (UK) Limited. Ageas are one of Europe's largest insurance groups and have a heritage spanning more than 190 years.